• Puno

    Full Day Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, and Amantani (Puno)

    Personas: 10

    Full Day

    $50 /por persona






      Tour Description:

      Embark on an unforgettable experience exploring the magical Lake Titicaca and discovering the wonders of the Uros Islands and Amantani. Immerse yourself in the culture and ancient traditions of the local communities while delighting in the beautiful landscapes of the world’s highest navigable lake.


      6:50 am: Pick-up from your hotel in Puno and transfer to the local port to board the boat.

      Navigation on Lake Titicaca to reach the famous Uros Islands, known for their floating islands made of totora reeds. Learn about the customs and way of life of this ancient civilization as you explore the islands and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds them.

      Continuation towards Amantani Island, where you will be welcomed by the friendly local families, who will provide a warm welcome to their community. Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared with fresh and traditional ingredients from the region.

      After lunch, you will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities with the locals. You can choose to take a guided walk to the viewpoints of the island, visit the local temple, or simply enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the surroundings.

      In the afternoon, board the boat again to return to Puno, navigating the waters of Lake Titicaca while enjoying the spectacular panoramic views.

      Around 5 pm, arrive at the port of Puno and transfer back to your hotel.


      Not Included:

      Embark on this «Full Day Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, and Amantani» tour and immerse yourself in the magic and authenticity of the islands of Lake Titicaca. Discover the rich history and traditions of the local communities while enjoying breathtaking landscapes in this unique destination in the world.

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