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    Fly over the Enigmatic Nazca Lines

    Experience the awe-inspiring Nazca Lines by embarking on our Nazca Lines Flight Tour. Read More

    Explore the Cantayo Aqueducts Tour

    Unearthing the Inca Ruins – Los Paredones Read more


    Tour Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve Read more

    Sandboarding and buggy Adventure

    Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other with our Sandboarding and Buggy Tour and embark on an adventure you’ll never forget. read more

    Cahuachi exploration Tour and Textile Workshop

    Embark on a guided tour of the awe-inspiring Cahuachi Pyramids, the largest ceremonial mud-brick archaeological site in the world. Read more

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  • Tour: Discover Paracas, Ica Vineyard and Huacachina from Lima

    Personas: 15


    Full Day

    $80 /por persona

    Huacachina Tour (from Paracas City)

    Personas: 10


    Half Day

    $Consult /por persona



    Personas: 10

    4 Hrs

    $30 /por persona


    Tour to the Viewpoints Nasca and Maria Reiche museum (NASCA CITY)

    Personas: 15

    3 Hrs

    $30 /por persona


    Nazca Lines Flight

    Personas: 50

    30 min

    $100 /por persona

    Our clients say

    Our opinions speak about our work.

    Martin H
    Martin H
    Increíble visita! Esta vez tuve la oportunidad de visitar el cementerio de Chauchilla y debo recomendarlo al 100%, valió la pena el dinero. Alex fue simplemente un guía increíble, fue cortés y explicó todo muy claramente. Fue una experiencia encantadora aprender sobre una increíble cultura Nasca. Gracias!
    Very interesting temple complex made accessible by a good guide. Beautiful unique temple complex. Visited with the guide Alexander who speaks good English and provides good detailed explanations of the history and excavations. Very accessible guide who will do his best for you.
    Rebecca C
    Rebecca C
    Peru continues to amaze The variety of landscapes across Peru is simply amazing, the trip to the desert with Carlos to explore the newly discovered archeological site was super! Carlos provided an overview of what I was looking at and the likely historical activities that took place, we went early in the day, which meant we had the place to ourselves to admire and take in the views. Highly recommend if you’re a history buff!
    Evan P
    Evan P
    What an awesome tour! I gotta say it was very well organized Was such an amazing experience! The guide Alex was really nice and knew so much about the history. The desert mixed with the sun in the afternoon gave the place such a cool vibe. Highly recommended!
    Lucas N
    Lucas N
    Indispensable The tour of the Cauachi pyramid is incredible, with the guide Carlos an indispensable experience in Peru, combined with the aqueduct tours, they form an incredible experience
    Tom R
    Tom R
    Top service! I took the Cahuachi tour and must recommend 100%, it was totally worth the money. Carlos was an amazing guide, he was courteous and explained everything very clearly. It was a delightful experience to learn about an incredible Nasca culture.
    Miquel G
    Miquel G
    Carlos, an exceptional guide! I went to the Cahuachi pyramids with Carlos. We were only two clients, but the tour was treated with great professionalism. It was a long journey to the ruins, but there was no shortage of information about the ruins, Nazca, Peruvian culture and very interesting facts about the country and indigenous cultures. On the way back we went to a textile workshop and another ceramic workshop, which preserved traditional forms of production. I would repeat 100 times. Thank you very much Carlos!
    Joyce Belga
    Joyce Belga
    Incredible! We visited the pyramids of Cahuachi. The experience was incredible! Carlos, our guide, was extremely attentive and explained all the history, culture and curiosities to us in detail, which made the visit even richer and more interesting!
    Jason F
    Jason F
    Cahuachi Pyramids Tour and Artisanal Workshop The Cahuachi Pyramids is a fasinating archeology site still being uncovered. Carlos provided a personalized experience and taught me a lot about the Pyramids, existing theories based on evidence, and the history of the Nazcan people's. He also taught me a lot about the entire region and the various peoples that have lived there throughout history. Lastly, he was a lot of fun to chat with. The Artisanal Workshop and Museum was an added bonus. It provided an overview of current and historical craftsmanship in the area, including weaving and jewelry. They have replicas of textiles of the various historical peoples that have lived in the area on display. A nice variety of hugh quality, locally crafted products are available to purchase here as well.
    N L
    N L
    Great tour at Cauachi and ceramics workshop Great tour at Cahuachi temple and then at the ceramics workshop where Tobi shows original artifacts from the Nasca culture! A must-do for people who like history!

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