• Nasca

    Cahuachi exploration Tour and Textile Workshop (Nasca City)

    Personas: 15


    $30 /por persona






      Experience the Enigmatic Cahuachi Pyramids

      Embark on a guided tour of the awe-inspiring Cahuachi Pyramids, the largest ceremonial mud-brick archaeological site in the world. Delve into the mysteries of these ancient pyramids, dating back approximately 2000 years, and unlock the secrets of the Nazca Culture in a truly unique way.

      A Glimpse into Ancient Nazca Life

      Only 10% of this sprawling complex has been excavated so far, with many pyramids still partially buried beneath the shifting sands. Remarkable findings, including trophy heads, ancient textiles, and exquisite pottery, provide valuable insights into the daily lives and beliefs of the ancient Nazca people.

      Immerse Yourself in the Sacred Atmosphere

      Join us and delve into the captivating history of this sacred place. Enjoy the convenience of pick-up and drop-off services, private transportation, and the expertise of a bilingual guide (English/Spanish) who will accompany you throughout the journey. Admission fees are also included, allowing you to focus on absorbing the wonders of Cahuachi.

      The textile workshop is a hidden gem in the heart of Nazca, where local weavers have preserved their traditions for generations. Here, you can admire the dexterity with which they spin natural fibers, dye threads with natural pigments, and meticulously weave each piece by hand.


      Not included

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