• Nasca


    Personas: 10

    4 Hrs

    $30 /por persona






      Departures 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

      Prepare for an extraordinary Dune Rider Expedition that will take you through a series of captivating experiences, including a visit to the Ocongalla Aqueduct, exploration of the Cahuachi Pyramids, a journey to the desecrated cemetery, and thrilling sandboarding adventures in the Usaka Dunes.

      Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

      Our adventure begins with a pickup from your hotel, where you’ll join our experienced guides for an unforgettable journey through the Nazca region.

      Discover the Aqueduct of Ocongalla

      Our first stop will be the awe-inspiring Ocongalla Aqueduct. Marvel at this ancient engineering marvel that once supplied water to the Nazca civilization. Learn about its significance and admire the impressive architecture that has stood the test of time.

      Explore the Enigmatic Cahuachi Pyramids

      Next, we’ll venture into the mysterious world of the Cahuachi Pyramids. Uncover the secrets of this archaeological complex as our knowledgeable guides lead you through the remnants of an ancient civilization. Immerse yourself in the history, mythology, and architectural wonders of this remarkable site.

      Unveil the Tragic Tale of the Despoiled Cemetery

      Continuing our expedition, we’ll pay a solemn visit to the despoiled cemetery. Witness the remnants of ancient tombs and discover the haunting story of their profanation. Reflect on the cultural significance and historical context surrounding this sacred burial ground.

      Conquer the Usaka Dunes with Sandboarding

      As the culmination of our adventure, prepare for exhilarating sandboarding thrills in the Usaka Dunes. Strap on your sandboard and feel the rush as you glide down the towering sand dunes. Whether you’re a seasoned sandboarder or a first-time adventurer, this experience is sure to leave you with lasting memories.


      Not included

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